Car Crazy Cutie

The Beach Boys song “Car Crazy Cutie,” could best be described as a nostalgic tune dedicated to the loyal following of ‘cuties’ & ‘dolls’ attracted to an atmosphere of speed, excitement and thrills of drag racing on the quarter mile. Where, in addition to the deafening roar of the engines, there’s the sweet intoxicating scent of burning rubber, cooked fuel and a lingering exhaust that would rival even the finest baked desserts.

Another of the songs co-written by Brian Wilson & fellow “poet” Roger Christian, it was first recorded on September 2, 1963 and appeared on the popular Beach Boys albumLittle Deuce Coupe.”

Although Car Crazy Cutie flew somewhat under the radar of some of the band’s other successful hits, it still has that certain signature quality of Brian’s, with his unique arrangement of vocal harmonies; this tune still ranks as a favorite for a number of the Beach Boys faithful.