Do you wanna go straight to… Hawaii is another of the Beach Boys songs co-written by Brian Wilson & Mike Love.  In addition, the tenacious twosome again combined their talents to share lead vocals, with Brian singing a wicked falsetto. Although the lyrics could be considered rather simplistic, it is hard to deny the pleasant images and emotions this ‘feel good’ harmony stirs up inside your soul.

Hawaii was first recorded on July 16, 1963 within the hallowed walls of Western Studios (Recorders) in Hollywood, California and appeared on the Beach Boys third album “Surfer Girl.”

Beach Boys ‘fact finder’ and author Domenic Priore once wrote: “Surfers would save every nickel to pay for an airplane ticket to Hawaii because it wasn’t just the coolest place to surf, it was the best place to live too.”

The beautiful islands of Hawaii, big waves, pretty girls in grass skirts, surfing championships, Honolulu/Waikiki…Do you ever wanna leave?  Let’s go!