Our Favorite Recording Sessions

Hey hey come in they come
O.k. boys, take one

Danny and the Juniors set a groove stuck ’em
Blblblblu shoot say shoot
I should
Why don’t you say “shoot” quick right as the song
Danny and the Juniors set a shoot stuck ’em down in
The bloot, spoot, fruit, toot

O.k. let’s get ready
Let’s dub, let’s overdub a little a little finger p…
No, no, no Clem no!
By greckins you put a little, little bit, a little finger poppin’ 
On that it’s gonna be a million-and-two seller

Hey, will you take off that hat? You look like George Washington!
I’ll throw you across the river
You’ll throw me across? The what? The Pontiac?
I’ll throw you across the river, I threw a silver dollar across, I can
throw you

When you hear the countdown, everyone shut up because it’s 
Awful tight, yeah
Let’s make it

Sittin in my ca
Say t-shirts
T-shirts in my car
Outside your lawn

What’s wrong?
I broke that tie thing
Oh thanks!
It’s his tie thing
Gee whiz
I have another one, thank you
How much are they?
I have two more
You do not
I bought ’em for 99 cents apiece
You, You did?
I know where you can get ’em

Here we go
For 99 cents
We’re on
You got a better deal than I did
I know
Is this mike on?

All the way from Hawthorne, California we’re flying over
Carl Wilson who’s going to jump 600 feet into a two foot cup
Into a damp rag
Come on
Hey look, I’m gonna leave you home
Hey you guys just a second, I forgot my note
Just a second I’ll go to the piano

Ahh Ahh
O.k. let’s make one Charlie
You guys ready, let’s go

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