6 thoughts on “Beach Boys & Kathy Troccoli “I Can Hear Music”

  1. This is the Best! We have the CD Country sings Beach Boys, this song is on it.
    Listening to this as loud as it would go I blew out the speakers in our pickup.
    Love it Her voice is outstanding.

  2. Kathy sings this song with the Beach Boys and pays tribute to the song and the group. Her whole heart is in this recording. I can listen to this all day.

  3. If anyone wants to find a real pleasure in life, just listen to anything the Beach Boys ever recorded. Or a beach boy song recorded by someone else. Kathy did a great job with I CAN HEAR MUSIC. As did Lorrie Morgan with Brian Wilsons DONT WORRY BABY. The 1960s were the best and the worst of times but the harmonies of the Beach Boys would always pick you up.

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