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  1. Great looking website but I was looking for ‘In The Jungle The Mighty Jungle’ by Beach Boys did they ever record it? (as I’ve heard the them singing it on You Tube).



    • Hello Tricia,

      The song you’re looking for is “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” made famous
      by The Tokens. The video on YouTube is incorrectly showing a picture
      of the Beach Boys with The Tokens singing the real version. As far as I
      know the Beach Boys never recorded this song, nor did they ever sing it
      live on stage. Robert John re-introduced the song on record in 1972.
      Great song!



    • Kristie,

      Yes, that Tricia track is really the Beach Boys. It is an unreleased 1978 outtake from a bootleg CD “Rarities Vol. 6” from the Dumb Angel Rarities series on Sea Of Tunes label. Available on Demonoid. Contact me privately if you wish more info.

  2. I really like their version of Under the Boardwalk but I am having a terrible time finding a copy of just this single for download (I don’t want the whole album). Any idea where I can get it?


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